Full navigation DVD version 2012 V9 for Volkswagen MFD2 Europe Blaupunkt EXV

Volkswagen MFD2 Navigation DVD Version 2012 V9 Europe Blaupunkt EXV Full preview. Click for more details

VW MFD2 Car Navigation DVD Version V9 Europe 2012 Blaupunkt EX-V + DVD Maps

The new, updated navigation system 2012 Volkswagen MFD2, DVD version V.9, contains information about new roads, new residential areas and new bypass ways.

More information. DVD-Europe 2012 SEC provides detailed information about each separate country, and including the addresses of all important points. With this system, you can easily find in a foreign country, your desired destination place.
Enjoy without hindrance driving: Avoid traffic jams and road works. Europe DVD-EX 2012 contains data about the situation on the roads for many countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland and many others.
If you feel a bit hungry or tired? This is not a problem. Tele Atlas will show you the set of points where you can stay: restaurants, hotels, railway stations, parking lots. Of the thousands of addresses you can choose the one that suits you. This system comprises 7,214,723 km of highways, streets, etc. throughout Europe.

What’s new in this updated version?

The navigation system includes a lot of useful information about the new buildings, the situation on the roads, new residential areas, weather conditions and much more.
TMC Updates in: France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
*Availability of information depends on the navigation system.
CNG = Compressed Natural Gas
LPG = Liquid Petrol Gas

Countries coatings:
Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Finland, Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City…

Get Volkswagen Navigation Update 2012 Europe now:

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8 thoughts on “Full navigation DVD version 2012 V9 for Volkswagen MFD2 Europe Blaupunkt EXV

  1. I love to travel with my family through the Europe. Once when we were making a trip through European capitals on our Wolkswagen Transporter we saw that our lovely car (well, her gps navigation system) works more and more slowly and sometimes is in trouble to understand our geopositioning. So I consulted this website and found this newest version of gps and our trip was saved!

  2. It is very good to have a newest version of gps navigation system. Last year we were travellling through the South of France on our Volkswagen Passat and wanted to visit Saint Paul du Vence, a little city next to Nice. And we were surprised because our navigation did not find this town! So coming back to Italy I started to look how to make upgrading of gps and I found the new version on this website. And apparently it also shows the city we wanted to visit.

  3. I made an update for my wife’s Volkswagen Tuareg gps navigation system because she was complaining that her navigation works slowly especially when she is in the rush or she must quickly decide which route to choose to not to get into traffic jam. I was not sure before if i can do the update alone but looks like nothing special, just simple installation of the software, as on the PC.

  4. What a great update for my Volkswagen – and so cheap! I couldn’t even imagine that life would become so much easier! Now I don’t have to keep all the addresses in my memory, just a click – and everything is shown on the map. Really easy and convinient in usage – I was surprised that my gps now can find the closest restaurants and hotels, so I don’t have to plan my route properly – it’s time for improvisation!

  5. Just updated GPS navigation for my touareg and I so excited! It’s a really good helper during trips for me. I can’t imagine to go somewhere without GPS navigator and never understand other people who don’t have it. How?? How you can keep in mind all addresses of restaurants or parking zone in strange city? And how do you live without information about traffic jam, or example? Life becomes more convenient (;

  6. This new update contains even more new features that I expected! Now, with this software, I can get access to traffic information, and avoid jams, see the current weather in different regions, even find the free parking place! Its really amazing how such great amount of information can be stored in my navigator! I also can see the roads which are under the construction in this moment and simply chose another route. Thanks the developers for such qualified product with decent price!

  7. I have Volkswagen up! hatchback- my best car ever! And about a month ago I bought a Full navigation DVD version 2012 V9 for it and I’m absolutely satisfied with that choice! It has so many interesting and new for me functions – the details are nicely painted – interesting for just looking at it, the roads are marked exactly like it shoud be, the buildungs are signed everywhere and any little detail is also singed on the monitor, so I can see everything I pass through/ I like it!

  8. Very easy to use program for all motorists in DVD format. Painted in detail what and where and how you get there. All marked roads and houses, even blocked the road repairments. It is very convenient.Describes what the map will not find all the home with new buildings, impressive. Description many countries. This is a godsend for those who love to travel. This DVD will never be lost. I recommend to you.

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