Road Maps Alps and Europe TeleAtlas 2012/2013 for Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX

TeleAtlas 2012/2013 Maps Alps And Major Roads Of Europe For Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX Full Version preview. Click for more details

Car Navigation DVD Maps + Road Navigation System 2012-2013 TeleAtlas Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX CD-ROM

This program covers most of the Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It contains comprehensive information about travel routes.

System features:

Detailed street network throughout the Alps region makes it possible to determine any route that you need, including routes from Munich to Verona or from Nice via Grenoble to Milan.
Available 100% of the traffic information for Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as for the border region: southern Germany, northern Italy and southeast France.
Door-to-door: definitions any route across Australia and Switzerland.
Coverage more than 785,000 km of road routes
Updated official TMC code lists for Switzerland, Germany and Italy. TMC codes for the border region of France also available.
You feel hungry, want to stop somewhere or need to fill the car? This can be done easily with Tele Atlas. Since this program accommodates about 255000 Points of Interest, such as restaurants, hotels, parking lots or gas stations.
The system includes a lot of new information such as new streets, new residential areas, new buildings,  traffic situations, weather conditions and much more.

Get Alps Europe GPS TeleAtlas Blaupunkt TravelPilot now:

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6 thoughts on “Road Maps Alps and Europe TeleAtlas 2012/2013 for Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX

  1. Something new is happening in the road situation from time to time. And we, who are travelling every day, need to be ready to correspond to them, we need to know those new things. Under these complicated conditions, we want car GPS navigation updates which include a lot of new information. We can get all of these with the TeleAtlas Blaupunkt TravelPilot. Thanks to the guys who create this wonderful system!

  2. Hello everyone! I just wanna to say thanx to the the creators of the Navigator Road Maps Alps and Europe TeleAtlas 2012/2013 for Blaupunkt Travel Pilot DX. Because it helped me to find the way, when I was lost in the Norway countryside near Bergen. The perfect quality of maps, including all gas stations and hotels and everitihg what else Uneed on the road! Thanx again, guys!!!

  3. Hello! Please, help me, I couldn’t understand. What difference between new and previous update? In my navigation system, all countries are included. What new in new version? And also, is it necessary to update my navigator? I don’t sure about it. So, for what this update, for whom? In my car all right this my navigation system. So, is it mean, that I need to download last version of navigation system. or not? Please, explain me! Thanks.

    1. Hello, Jane!
      The differences between the versions are: 1) new, more detailed maps with more information. Every day something new happening and appearing on the roads we use and streets we live. To walk in same rhythm with time, you need to know new things; 2) new marks of gas stations, cafes, grocery stores, shopping malls, pharmaces and ATM’s; 3) information about the road situation like traffic jams and closed roads; 4) speed cams and road signs locations; 5) new interface design and clearer tom-tom voice.
      Car brands and models are compatible with the new update you can find in the description to this product.

  4. I love to travel to different countries and cities. And always leading the way with the Navigator. Recently I heard that there is a possibility to update the basic software of the navigation device, thereby increasing its performance. I updated and was satisfied. The interface is much more convenient, ease and clarity in management, updated maps and quick to download.

  5. Very often I drive a car Kia Rio at different distances. Of course, many roads I do not know, so you need a navigator. On your phone browser all the time freezes, I do not meet my requirements. I found a solution in the face of Road Maps Alps and Europe TeleAtlas 2012/2013 for Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX. It is a good system. Not a single failure within 2 years there. Always I find the right path. I recommend!

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