NTG2 & NTG1 American Mercedes Maps Full Version

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2015 Mercedes-Benz NTG3 North America-Canada DVD v14.0 | Car Navigation DVD Maps

2015-2016 Mercedes Benz USA & Canada NTG3 DVD v14.0   This Mercedes-Benz navigation map update features new detailed coverage in counties and


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22 thoughts on “NTG2 & NTG1 American Mercedes Maps Full Version

  1. I’ve been looking for a good card for car GPS as the standard is not all companies. I found this site. Thanks to developers. They helped with the selection of the required updates for my car GPS navigator. They also advised on how to install the update and how to use them fully. Excellent maps with all streets, houses, cities and businesses. Now I know that everything can be found on this site

  2. Well, sometime ago i really wanted this navigation update, but it doesn’t work perfect in my car, may be I just need to reinstall it, but now it works TOO slow , and sometimes I needed to turn around to countinie driving in the right way, and also in they didn’t update where restaurant and shops are placed, and again, it guided me to the wrong place! Waiting for next update version.

  3. Seeking opportunities of making my route shorter I’ve spent so much time. Divining the paper maps made me tired really. i’ve got a nice occasion recently to optimize my travelling. Buying the NTG2 & NTG1 American Mercedes Maps, I saved my time and health. I have been taught to choose a target of my destination and have enjoyed these modern facilities. Feeling grateful to it’s creators!

  4. I bought this GPS navigation upgrade for my car Mercedes-Benz. Excellent update GPS navigation! The interface is convenient and simple. At present I do not get lost. I began to travel without any problems. With the possibility to pre-select your path began to save time .I am very satisfied with this upgrade, and very pleased with the GPS work. Thanks to developers!

  5. I`ve taken out my driving licence recently. For now I obtaine my first practical experience to drive a car. My brother gave mi his car with map navigator, but sometimes it`s glitch. Соnsidеring all these positive feedbacks and technical specifications of this device I recommend him to pay his attention on it. He`ll consider and make a decision on that item of expense.

  6. Hi, guys! It is the best car navigation system update I have ever used! Very simple but convenient interface attracts me as a user who even could not imagine a car without GPS navigation. This stuff is really helpful to provide comfortable and safe driving, because all the maps are updated regularly. Well, now I highly recommend NTG2 & NTG1 to all my friends who also have a mersedes. Thanks a lot!

  7. I’ve got this gps navigation map last month because I bought a new car. So now, after some time of using it I can tell about how good it works. I have a three trip in the different cities already and i’m absolutely satisefied because I was really amazed of per cent of correct (it’s near to 100%). I’m really happy to found out about it! You know, my job is all about trips and navigation maps like this is priceless for me.

  8. Everyday commuting to work takes a great deal of my time. I use in-built car gps navigation owing to rather big screen. In order to work perfectly my car navigation maps need to be updated at least once a year. Otherwise problems may arise. As a rule updating takes place smoothly. But it’s rather expensive. The prices on this site are not too high. The quality of updates and service suits me absolutely

  9. This program is very helpful on the road. The new map compiled so correctly and easy. This map helps those who travel in USA and Canada a lot like me. The map use location service and it also tracks passed my ways. On the map you can draw the intended path and follow to the instructions of the navigator. My location is detected very quickly, allowing me to use the cards as efficiently and promptly. It’s very good, thank you.

  10. often travel with friends and love to do it. but could not find the right card for travel. and now my dream has come true to travel without problems. I found the perfect card. Now I travel without problems, do not think where to fold so as not to get lost. Now I ride for fun. Thanks to all who participated in the creation and development of these cards. I recommend to everyone who travels by car.

  11. I’m fond of travelling across the country and prefer to travel by car. So it’s very necessary for me to use up-to-date navigation. I like to explore new ways and different corners of the country. That’s why the main thing is detalization of mapps. My MB W211 2008 is comfartable enough but with this application it has become easier! Thnx for the product,it’s perfect quality and detailed coverage! I guess I’ll be your regular customer!

  12. Hello everyone! I am a big fan of trips! I trevelled a lot of different countries with my old paper map. I have a navigator, but i dont have good software for it. One month ago update my navigator, and u know what my trips become more interesting and economical!! I have found out a lot of new ways! It is amazing updationg! If you are a reall traveller you should download it!)

  13. I am aware of keeping car navigation maps current and correct. I need to develop a fuel efficient routes almost every day. Recently I’ve had some problems owing to out-of-date maps. I got a real headache with finding an car navigation updates for a reasonable price. This site provided me with all I need to update my GPS navigation quickly and flawlessly. I’m pleased with the flawless operation of my car gps navigation.

  14. About 3 days ago I downloaded Mercedes-Benz navigation map update and I’m totally glad with it. New maps for Canada and North America are completely correct. So it became for me much easier to get from one place to another because of improvements in graphic, voice navigation. The new software determines my location much faster as previous one and there isn’t any situations when I miss the turn because of slowly work of voice system

  15. My hobby is playing an Android smarthphone game using augmented reality. So it’s really important for me to go to some distant places I have never visited before. As far as I travel there alone most of the time I need perfect navigaton. And this update is a real help for me. It significantly improved the navigation system in my car. With it I can consider every detail and economize my time and resources. I recommend this update not only to the fellow-players but to everybody who has to travel long distances and to travel a lot.

  16. Quite good and precise maps. All I need to make my trip fast and comfortable. I noticed that GPS defines my current position a bit faster than in my old navigation software. Therefor almost no more situations when I misted a turn due to the slow positioning. Also, there is a good voice assistant that helps not to be distracted from the road. Very good stuff for such price.

  17. I download car navigation for my Mercedes-Benz. I like It. All maps correctly. Price really normal for this good navigation. I enjoy interface. Maps very helpful and useful. It makes you to move easily in any direction without any problems really. I began to spend less time on the ride. Now I advise to my friends upgrades here. They also enjoy and very glad becouse Its cool

  18. How not to get lost in an unfamiliar area? Come in on time? Now, these issues are easily solved! DVD map really helps me! I am very glad that Mercedes-Benz has released the update North America-Canada! Now you can pre-select the best way ! And you can choose how to get there without traffic jams.This application is easy to understand! Moreover, it weighs easily

  19. I live in Arizona and very often drive to my parents to the North Dakota. I haven’t any gps navigation in my Mersedes Benz car before(Idk why I haven’t buy it thereat!) and that was so uncomfortably, you know. Recently I tumble to buy gps navigation and install this mup update. And now I’m really glad, everything works correctly. Thanks to this software developers so much.

  20. Driving across country takes a lot of my time. I prefer embedded navigation because it’s convenient and don’t distract my mind while driving. I update my car navigation maps rather often. Each time I intend to do it, I get this site and order all I need for updating. It saves my time and nerves owing to the perfect quality of the mapping software proposed here. I always get correct maps for reasonable price here.

  21. Updated my car gps navigation (Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG), all maps for USA and Canada are correct, full version is very good. Best product from all car navigation maps. Use it for wife’s car too (Mercedes-Benz A45 4matic), she says “I can not drive without GPS navigation”. Her driving is not good, maps are so useful on many situations. This update was expected, waiting for new.

  22. Hi 😉 Good car navigation update for my mercedes-benz. I like that it has detailed coverage in metropolitans. I was thinking about updating my gps navigation and i found a good one. Thank you for your product and not so hight price :) Now driving become more comfortable and pleasant. I’m satisfied with the product. I guess I’ll buy again from you. Thank you once again :)

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