GPS Maps Update Northern Europe UK Ireland Scandinavia VDO Dayton Non CIQ CD V 2012 2013

North EuropeUK/Ireland/Scandinavia VDO Dayton Non CIQ CD V 2012/2013 Full Version preview. Click for more details

Europackage includes: VDO Dayton navigation system is not C-IQ CD-Pack v.2012 / 2013 + Car DVD Maps

New updated version for Europe VDO Dayton non C-IQ CD-Pack v.2012 / 2013 and VDO Dayton non C-IQ CD-Pack v.2013-2014

Enjoy the traveling throughout of Europe with new, updated road maps that contain all latest information on road directions.
The system contains a database of more than 7.900 speed cameras registered all over northern Europe, such as Great Britain: -5.722 – Sweden: 1,000.
– Updated database and improved technical capabilities.
– Removal of inactive speed cameras. *The following countries are excluded from the data base: Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland.

Warning:This updated map contains a database of speed cameras for France. In development of new navigation system, with the agreement with the French authorities will be deleted speed cameras for your maximum comfort.

We are working for you. With our program, you can visit all the famous places in Europe: Tower Bridge to Eton and Oxford in England, unforgettable lake in Scotland, cozy streets of Ireland and much more. Restaurants, clubs and shopping in London, Manchester and Birmingham to bustling Glasgow and Edinburgh or lovely Cardiff, and Dublin, your Journey to Europe will be an unforgettable and wonderful moment.

Newest, updated maps contain all the detailed information about an unfamiliar city, all known traffic routes, thousands points of interest from golf to theater, from hotels to car parks, which will help you quickly navigate in a new city.  From motorways and roads to secondary routes, city centres, toll crossings and congestion charges. You’ll find them all here.
In a foreign country to get lost quite easily, but with the digital card NAVTEQ your journey will be a pleasant and easy.

Please note, this product does not include Traffic Message Channel codes in GB and Ireland.

Get GPS Maps Northern Europe UK Ireland Scandinavia now:

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4 thoughts on “GPS Maps Update Northern Europe UK Ireland Scandinavia VDO Dayton Non CIQ CD V 2012 2013

  1. My dear mummy said me formerly: don’t walk without a cap, sonny. In the present time, that cap for my travelling is car GPS navigation. I don’t travel without it. And what’s more, the navigation updates play the great role here. The newest and smallest changes and nuances in a traffic situation, road conditions and many other things are shown in the car navigation updates. Thanks to the developers for their great work!

  2. this gps navigator was the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my European adventures. I’ve dreamt about travelling abroad for many years but finally got the opportunity only with this navigation system. It contains a lot of information about points that I might be interested in, it updates automatically which I’m very glad for because I don’t have enough time to make sure I’ve made all the preparations for the road, it’s very useful and convenient in use. What’s more important, maps have all neccessary sights I would like to watch as a traveller, so I can effectively plan my trips and thus save a lot of time.

  3. The perfect solution for such ” blondes ” like me. Long plagued the old navigation interface is unclear. My boyfriend said he will do everything and left , came back with an updated navigation , I can confidently say – just lovely . My boyfriend naturally has shown how to use it , and I was happy as I could , as much as it is easy. That’s decided to say thank you , it’s very cool! )

  4. One of the best and well-developed nautical charts I’ve ever used! I appreciate it very much for full information about the region of our travel – the Great Britain in particular. It signals when a speed camera is close, it helps to avoid traffic tickets. The map offers a lot of function and huge amount of data than concerne routes and places to have a rest and to have fun.

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