Automotive Operating System for France / Frankreich FX 2012 SKODA RNS Amundsen Blaupunkt CD4

France/Frankreich FX 2012 SKODA RNS Amundsen Blaupunkt Software CD4 Full Version preview. Click for more details

Navigation System VW RNS-310-Skoda (RNS Amundsen) -Seat (Seat Media System 2.0) -Blaupunkt FX v4.0 2012 + Car Navigation DVD Maps

Blaupunkt FX v4.0 For Volkswagen RNS-310,Skoda (RNS Amundsen) and (Seat Media System 2.0) 2012   Deutschland FX 2012 SKODA RNS Amundsen Blaupunkt

System contains 100% Detailed information about France.
The new updated system includes a lot of new information such as new streets, new residential areas, new buildings, traffic situations, weather conditions and much, much more.
Improve Updated TMC lists for France, the dynamic route guidance.
120000 Other Services in different categories as destination.

Unterstützte Navigationssysteme/Compatible:

Seat (Seat Media System 2.0)
Skoda (RNS Amundsen)
Volkswagen (RNS 310)

You will receive full detailed information about France, and major roads of Europe (system contains information about all routes of 38 countries in Europe).

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3 thoughts on “Automotive Operating System for France / Frankreich FX 2012 SKODA RNS Amundsen Blaupunkt CD4

  1. I want to say a very very big THANK YOU for those who made this website! I have installed the new gps navigation system on my Skoda Octavia and we are both happy. Now I have an opportunity to check weather conditions before driving on a highways, there are a lot of useful information about traffic jams, different construction works on the road and a lot more. One more time thank you! Merci!

  2. Despite this car maps system is a little obsolete because from 2012 a lot of new buildings had been built, it since has appropriate information about all French streets and all objects. When you watch on this map somehow you have an illusion that you see data from the satellite. Information is current and all details are shown, it’s a pity that there arre only french maps.

  3. Navigation system Automotive Operating System for France / Frankreich FX 2012 SKODA RNS Amundsen Blaupunkt CD4 is my first navigation system, which I may say so very happy – easy operation, minimum inconvenience, lack of errors in the work, it is absolutely clear interface, no problem using for the second year did not arise .. So I’m pleased with the purchase!

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