Full version Navigation System Benelux + MRE VDO Dayton Non CIQ CD V 2012/2013

Benelux + MRE VDO Dayton Non CIQ CD V 2012/2013 Full Version preview. Click for more details

Europackage includes – Navigation System VDO Dayton non C-IQ CD-Pack v.2012 / 2013 + Car DVD Maps

Now available for Europe – VDO Dayton non C-IQ CD-Pack v.2012 / 2013 and New, Improved Version VDO Dayton is not C-IQ CD-Pack v.2013-2014

This program opens the driver a lot of new features: detailed information about an unfamiliar city. It is not only all known motorway as thousands of points of interest, names of streets, alleys, famous monuments of culture, attractions, information about the population, and more. With our navigation system in an unfamiliar city, you will feel at home. Behind the wheel of a car can be assured not only an experienced driver, but also a novice.

Enjoy driving with your new map update: more than 3000 speed cameras registered!
– Updated database and improved technical capabilities.
– Removal of inactive speed cameras. *The following countries are excluded from the data base: Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland.

Warning: This updated map contains a database of speed cameras for France. In development of new navigation system, with the agreement with the French authorities will be deleted speed cameras for your maximum comfort.

Traffic Message Channel codes on motorways:

Additional features include Major Roads of Europe: Andorra, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibralta,r Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Vatican State.

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2 thoughts on “Full version Navigation System Benelux + MRE VDO Dayton Non CIQ CD V 2012/2013

  1. Very good product, with high quality and stable work. I should admit very fair price and easy installation process. Plus, simple and comfortable usage on the go, due this software, in few clicks, you can see your location, destination point, road signs and speed limits, speed cams marks, gas stations, eateries, pharmacies and ATM’s. I want to thank developers for their job and for making this update that useful, simple and stable. I will certainly recommend it.

  2. Full version Navigation System Benelux + MRE VDO Dayton Non C IQ CD V 2012/2013 – no problem on the road is no more! all problems simply disappeared one only purchase a navigation system!I could never even think that it could be and so easy! Really the best invention for cars – now travel anywhere was a snap! No problems, no mistakes, no glitches, everything is super !!

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