2013 Tele Atlas Blaupunkt Travel Pilot Navigation System of Europe EX VX VW RNS MFD

2013 Tele Atlas Blaupunkt Travel Pilot Europe EX VX VW RNS MFD Full Version preview. Click for more details

2013 Tele Atlas Blaupunkt Travel Pilot Navigation System of Europe EX-(VX)VW RNS MFD + Car DVD Maps

Travel to Europe without any problems! 2013 Tele Atlas Blaupunkt Travel Pilot EX-(VX)VW RNS MFD. With our latest navigation map you do not get in traffic jams, do not get lost in a strange city, as Tele Atlas contain a full detailed information about this region, including  new roads, new residential areas and new traffic features.

Professional Road Maps Tele Atlas contain complete detailed information of most countries in Europe, which makes our system an indispensable helper for Trips to Europe.

In a strange city it is very easy to get lost. Becomes a problem to find their relatives or friends in an unfamiliar place. Newest Navigation system in Europe DVD 2013 EX contains a detailed database in each individual country. You will easily find any person in a foreign country, with minimal information about them: phone, house number, zip code.

Feel yourself behind the wheel comfortably without any problems: avoid traffic jams and road works in a single bound with the latest in dynamic route guidance. The Europe DVD 2013 EX enables has detailed information on the entire territory of Europe, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland and many others.

Feel hungry, want to relax, to stop, or need to fill the car? Tele Atlas can offer you any convenient place for you, as this program has a more than 1 500 000 Points of Interest such as restaurants, petrol stations (including those with CNG and LPG), car parks, train stations and much more. All that you need during your trip, you will find here.

Newest navigation system contains a lot of important information about the new streets, new buildings, traffic routes, traffic conditions, weather conditions and much more.

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One thought on “2013 Tele Atlas Blaupunkt Travel Pilot Navigation System of Europe EX VX VW RNS MFD

  1. Updating my gps I found a number of very interesting features: functional search system allows you to find any house, street or even person if you have its telephone number. If you have such information like zip code or street/house number everything will be even simpler for you. I also want to notice that information about the gas stations also contains the locations of CNG and LPG fuel types. I use LPG and its very convenient for me to know in advance is this type of fuel available! I’m sure that will buy another update from this site!

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