2013 RNSE SEAT AlteaExeo Navigation System DVD-1

2013 RNSE SEAT AlteaExeo Navigation DVD1 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2013 RNS-E SEAT Altea-Exeo Navigation System + DVD Road Maps

DVD Newest Navigation system 2013 RNS-E SEAT Altea-Exeo for Seat Media System E  Kompatibel mit for SEAT RNS-E and Audi Navigation Plus RNS-E. These professional navigation maps contain updated database and all the latest information about the region.

2013 RNS-E SEAT Altea-Exeo Newest Navigation System DVD-1

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One thought on “2013 RNSE SEAT AlteaExeo Navigation System DVD-1

  1. I’ve bought this 2013 update for fair price in 66 bucks, and totally satisfied with it. Yes, it has been 2 years since, but road and addresses information still useful: all road signs, speed cams, road eateries and gas stations still there! It was easy for me to install this gps update to my Ibiza (2014): first, I downloaded an update and saved to my SD card (be careful and ensure that update installed to root folder), than I plugged this SD into my navigation system and waited until the board computer will recognize and read the data. That was all, my maps were successfully imported and I was ready to travel! Hope, my comment will be helpful!

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