2013 BMW/MINI DVD Navigation System of Eastern Europe DVD-3

2013 BMW/MINI Navigation DVD Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL DVD3 Eastern Full Version preview. Click for more details

2013 BMW-Mini DVD Navigation system of Europe + Car DVD Maps

An updated version of Navigation DVD Road Maps 2013 BMW/MINI of Europe PROFESSIONAL DVD-1, DVD-2, DVD-3   (TMC,5 Digit, Postcode + Speed Cams) has the latest database 09/11/2012  POIs for all European countries, including Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia and much more. Travel to Europe with comfort and without any problems.

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One thought on “2013 BMW/MINI DVD Navigation System of Eastern Europe DVD-3

  1. Installed this update to my X5 before business trip to Szolnok (Hungary) from my native Kosice (Slovakia). I’ve never been in Hungary before and had no idea what highway to choose. My partners were expecting me to come as fast as possible, so I couldn’t waste even an hour. Being at home I tested new software and created a route with my navigator. I saw everything starting from the gas stations up to the motels and speed cams. By the time I got close to the Mezokovezd there was a huge traffic jam which I could successfully bypass using other road. So I think this update and software in general are very useful, they made my business trips more comfortable.

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