How to lockdown your mobile devices when traveling

How to lockdown your mobile devices when travelingDo You Follow Security Tips When Traveling?

Here are a tips to lock down your devices before you leave, and to minimize your risk while traveling.

SureLock as a Solution

Kiosk mode for Android, Windows and iOS devices.
SureLock offers a quick and easy way to lockdown an off-the-shelf mobile device such as Tablet or Smartphone or even a full desktop computer and allows it to be used as a dedicated purpose device.


Key Benefits:

  • Track usage statistics with built-in Analytics Engine
  • Quick and Easy Installation/Configuration
  • Customizable Interface for Cohesive Look of the Lockdown Device
  • Maximizes Workforce Productivity with Restricted Applications
  • Easy Mass Deployment with Cloud Export and Import of Settings
  • Reduces Time and Cost involved in Device Maintenance

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21 thoughts on “How to lockdown your mobile devices when traveling

  1. In fact, there are at least two circumstances that convinced me to install this app. First, I’m a real geek and have a smartphone and a tablet with Android and a laptop with Win7. Second, I have to travel much on business having all the three devices with me. So, this SureLock app appeared to be a real help for me. Its capability to work well with different operational systems is very handy. Kiosk is very easy to install, configure and work with, and this fact is also very important for me. I installed the app on all my three devices and now I don’t worry about the security of the personal data in the memory of my devices. This mobile lockdown app is a real must-have for every traveller.

  2. Nobody likes alien entering its personal life. If you don’t want someone else getting into your business this app is what you need.The program prevents unauthorized access. This is an excellent feature and supplemented such application settings as track usage statistics, quick and easy installation/configuration, customizable interface. These are my favourite.

  3. I work with a few gadgets: iPad, iphone, macbook .At home, in the office, I often have somewhere to go. Equipment is left unattended. The program prevents unauthorized access to my accounts, work pages, programs, sites, passwords, and email archives. No one else can see anything without my presence. This is the main useful function for me. Very happy, would recommend.

  4. The last trip I took a laptop. The company has a cheerful and noisy.A lot of friends went with me . There were jokers among them, who often tried to get access to my laptop and make some jokes. Then I saw the changes on my accounts, which I didn’t like. This situation repeated more than once. But only so long, until I downloaded this app. Now I am able to control everything clearly. It never repeated again. A very useful app.

  5. I have a lot of information that must know only me. There a lot of credit numbers, varios mails. This program helped me to protect every bit of information on my device and computer. Thanks to the creaters. It is really the program that i searched a lot of time. And i found it and i am very glad. Now i know that everything are very good protected and there is not chance that it will lost or deleted.

  6. Easiest way to protect ur device. I am wondered of many options this app has. This app makes my gadget completely protected. There’s so many people who wants to know what does my phone hide:) But now i can easily keep my information. It seems the good app to lock down your device, but you have to grow up to make this app the best. Big thanks to creators for this useful app!

  7. Since I have bought an iPhone to my son I started receiving complaints from his teachers that he does not listen anybody at school. Well I could not take the phone away as I wanted that he stays in contact with me in case of emergency so I installed this software on his device and locked all the useless applications so that nothing can distract him from learning while he’s at school.

  8. I really do not like any limitations but seems like it is the only way to control productivity. Sometimes I have an impression that I am paying my workers for sitting in social networks and watching puppies. Even verbal rules and explanations do not work. So after long talks they come at the office where I installed a new software on their PCs with personal access only to analytics programs. All types of entertaining programs and applications are forbidden now.

  9. My friends say I am a little bit crazy about security and data protection but I think it is very important to avoid any privacy interventions. So I installed this software and applications on all my devices to be sure that only me who has an access to personal information (such as bank cards details, emails, messages and photos of course). We will see how it will work as I never tried something like that before

  10. When you working at home, you inevitably keep lots of necessary information on your decstop computer and mobile phone. And it is very-very impotant keep this data in safety from children and guests. This app helps us to minimize our risk of loosing information. I think it is never too late. Thanks to developers. Now I have nothing to worry about and can sleep well:) ha-ha!!

  11. Great and functional application for whose who needs a guarantee for a high secured protection. My job includes traveling to many places time to time, so I am not afraid of getting my phone and tablet lost anywhere anymore. SureLock protects my devices from any hacks. Highly recommend to everybody who has any doubts about this application. Userful, easy to make use of, simple design.

  12. This application has just everything I need for my gadgets to be protected. We all surrounded by people willing to know all your secrets, data and passwords. SureLock works like a charm and has all essential features to protect my gadgets from intruders. App is quite lightweight and its not overburdened by features you will never use. In fact I used almost everything in this program to keep my data protected, because “its never too much”.

  13. I am a freelancer and I have to work in a public place regulary. I also keep lots of information on my laptop and Iphone. You see, I really interested in protection for private data on my gagets. So I finally Install this software to secure all the information. I can set permissions for some files with this app, so my child can`t delete or change them. I think it is very useful software and may be called a must-have for users, because it’s really works. Thank you very much, guys!

  14. It is one of the strongest programs about protection devices. I understand it after reading this text and thats why i download it and i want to say that it is very useful application. Every time when i go to travel to the foreghn countries i use this program to protect my computer from other peaple. I advise it to my friends and relatives. Now i know that my computer and device are very good protected. Thanks to creaters.

  15. I’ve installed this application on my desktop computer and android mobile phone. So, this app has all the necessary qualities I need to protect the information and to provide the distribution of access. Sometimes I need to work at home, so there are a lot of information on my computer, that I don’t want to be seen or lost. As far as my children also may use the compter, I’ve set permissions for some files. The app is better then standard decisions. I recommend it for use.

  16. My friend gave an advice to install this application on my new Xperia. i thought, that this app is not very usefull, but later, when I was at shopping, my device was stolen,. So, I’ve erased all data from internal storage of the phone and activated lock-down mode. There were a lot of my private photos and other important information in the phone. But I was calm with the safety of the information. Hope, my phone will be found. Speaking of the app, this s “must-have” for android-users.

  17. At work in a public place I have often leave my computer unattended when I need move away. There is a risk that an outsider can look into my computer and try to hurt me. I have a few ill-wisher who regularly visit the place of my work. My enemies tried twice to hack me, but it was not work. With this application I was able to protect myself and without fear to move away at time.

  18. I’ve installed this applcation to secure private data on my laptop. It is vital for me, that some information is to be hidden. So, this app was quite usefull for me. Later I installed this app on my Galaxy Note 4 to otain a possibility of “Lockdown-mode” on this devise, becuse I’m not sure with a standard application. It’s really works! I’ve made some tests and now I’m sure, that my data is secured if it ould be lost.

  19. In my job I am responsible for working with young professionals and interns. It has been several months since I noticed that performance of my interns started decreasing. So I had to install this software on the PCs to restrict access to some applications, games and social network programs. Further I separated access for each intern so that they have access only to the data they need to work with, so now I start to see positive dynamics.

  20. I found this software very useful as I am working in a company running different exhibitions and conferences, so usually for our speakers we provide a laptop so that they can run their presentations. And evidently several user are using the same laptop during the day so what we do is with this software we separate their access to the content on the laptop to make sure nobody will brake someone’s private data.

  21. I am always on the road, travelling from client to client, from company to company, making different projects and I use this software to protect my phone and laptop to be sure that nobody will use it while i’m working with a client or making a speach. It also helps me to control my time management when I restrict myself an access to certain applications (such as games, social networks etc)

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