Navigation System for North America Audi MMI 2008/2009 Version 2 010

Audi MMI Navigation System DVD Map North America Version 2008/2009 2010 Update Full preview. Click for more details

Navigation Road Map DVD Audi MMI for North America Version 2008/2009 (2010 Update) + Car Navigation DVD Maps

Available NEW improved version of road maps 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Audi A6 S6 Quattro Avant Navigation DVD CD Audi for the North American, Version 2008/2009

DVD map for North America Version 2008/2009, Audi MMI Navigation Systems (Released 2010 Update)

Technical details can be seen below:

Condition: DVD appear in perfect shape condition *The program can always be tested, at your will.(used from crashed Audi vehicle).

This program is not fake, or an analogue of another program. 100% original factory DVD Map from Audi vehicle.

the part number and information on the DVD map

This DVD map for North America (USA and Canada).

Version 2008/2009

Released 2010 update

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2 thoughts on “Navigation System for North America Audi MMI 2008/2009 Version 2 010

  1. Hello everybody. I found this website as I need to upgrade my gps navigation to the newest version but I do not have any experience in it. I am driving Audi A6 and as I understood this is there right version for my car. Can anybody explain what exactly I should do to make this installation? Are there any software or special tools needed for upgrading? Thank you in advance.

  2. It happened that I own old TT (2002) and it was very hard for me to find software compatible with my outdated board navigation system. However, on this site I could find one acceptable variant. I’ve bought and installed original Audi update for 2010 year. And it was a good decision, because, even now, I can comfortably use these maps and find the way from point A to point B easily, after all, it’s all I need. Thanks for thinking about Audi of all models and years! I use this update each day driving arond the city and for the long intercity travels.

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