Audi Navigation System for Europe MMI 2G systems 2012

Audi Europe Navigation DVD For MMI 2G Systems 2012 preview. Click for more details

Navigation System MMI 2G Systems 2012 for Audi + Car DVD Maps

Updated system includes: DVD version Audi Europe For MMI 2G Systems Part No. 4e0 060 884 CN Compatible with: A4 (B8 / 8K) Limousine: KW 36/2007 → 22/2009 A4 / S4 (B8 / 8K)

DVD Road Map Audi For MMI 2G Systems Part No. 4e0 060 884 CN

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4 thoughts on “Audi Navigation System for Europe MMI 2G systems 2012

  1. I wouldn’t be so optimistic of Audi Navigation System for Europe MMI 2G . Sometimes it is being interrupted and causes wrong direction. The problem occured in the suburban of Koln. But in the opened localities navigation system shows its efficiency even in the fallen-to-oblivion villages. I do admire the great job of the detailizations and wish it to be defended from any disturbances.

  2. Due to your latest software for my car`s GPS, i can I can afford myself to split by my Audi A4 on the European roads. It more comfortable, no longer afraid to get in traffic stuck. It instantly responds to all the streets that I say, and quickly searches the specified coordinates. Easy-to-use design, you can deal with everything for an hour. Totally recommend this fantastic software!

  3. I am really into travelling all around the world on my Audi. That is why I found this navigator very helpful for me. Unfortunately, I have got a topographical cretinism and I’m afraid of getting lost, especially in the middle of the unknown place. With my navigation dvd system I can go everywhere I want to. Thanks for the latest software version. I strongly recommend this one.

  4. For me any tech stuff is always some kind of magic, but this navigation softwere brought it on a new level. I am using this one for a few months and now I`ve got an updated version and it is just wow! Like it, it makes driving so much easyer. It almost feels like it drives instead of you)) Totaly recommend, aspecially if you are not that sure in your driving and map using skills, like I do

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