2016 Toyota Lexus North American Navigation DVD GEN5 V 15 1 U40 WEST+EAST Full Version

2016 ToyotaLexus North American Navigation DVD GEN5 V 15 1 U40WEST+EAST Full Version preview. Click for more details

2016 Toyota-Lexus North American Navigation DVD GEN5 v.15.1 U40 | Car Navigation DVD Maps

2016 for North America (USA and Canada) compatible with Toyota Lexus Gen 5 DVD systems (version 15.1 U40) JUST RELEASED ! The new version of the Gen 5 U40

2016 Toyota-Lexus North American Navigation DVD GEN5 v.15.1 U40-WEST+EAST

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16 thoughts on “2016 Toyota Lexus North American Navigation DVD GEN5 V 15 1 U40 WEST+EAST Full Version

  1. Yesterday I updated my gps navigation system for my Lexus , that was not something difficult, it’s so easy! I really like the new many and navigation in the interface. I’m just simple worker in Nevada, but sometimes gps really help me in another states! Thanks for this update! Next time I’ll come for next update for my car, and, possible, car of my son (because he is not good as a traveler :) ). Thanks!

  2. Hey guys. Just wanted to express my gratitude for the work done for me. A couple of weeks ago I updated my GPS navigation system on Toyota Rav-4 with this North america navigation maps package. Well, what can say. I haven’t yet encountered anything wrong about it. There no discripancies with the roads. Plus It really helps me to avoid roads with busy traffic on peakhours.

  3. I will not sit all weekend at home. I love to travel on the Toyota Land Cruiser 105. I take a vacation and leave his wife. I can travel freely around the country by car. But we need a reliable GPS navigation for this. These cards are the best alternative. Thanks to the developer! We do not get lost and are not gonna get in trouble. Because the best cards on the screen!!!

  4. I’m a great lover of travelling and I’m a fan of toyota motor corporation. But the standart navigation maps leave much to be desired. So I’m looking for better alternative. This maps are exactly what is needed. It is modern and up-to-date application with great detalization of the maps. And now I can freely travel around the country by car. I want to say words of gratitude to the creator, it’s perfect!

  5. It’s excellent. It’s incredible! I was looking for such maps for a long time.My Daddy baught me a car. And I am going to a long trip with my girlfriend and now with your GPS update North American Navigation DVD GEN5 v.15.1 for my Toyota I can do it! Downloading was quick. This update is all I needed. Thank you, Guys! I advice these Car Navigation DVD Maps all of you!

  6. I was looking for a long time to update my car Toyota. And I found it! GPS navigation update really needed, I’m so tired of the perennial problems with finding a good route! New maps oneveroyatno accurate. I can travel freely and relax with your family and to solve problems quickly. I am very grateful to the developers for this update and reasonable price. Thanks!

  7. Hooray! I update my GPS on last week. Thank’s very much for correct maps and easy use. Also, with installing I haven’t any problems, so, it’s not difficult. She like me, because in this navigation very accurate maps and I can traveled on countries. With this GPS, inside my car looks like new. Me very enjoyed this update, and my friends wanted a this GPS too! Thank you!

  8. Hello everyone!!! I has been dreaming for this navigation sinse two years. Today I’ve updated my car navigation. My car seemed to be like the new one. Maps are completely correct. It is so good!!! Thank you very much! I have no problems with operation. My trip will be more comfortable. It should to be in you car!!! I am very happy purchase. It is a necessary thing.

  9. Hello everyone. I have decided to download this car navigation maps because I gather in Canada tour this spring. I prefer Toyota Lexus most of all Japanese cars therefore these gps navigation update are especially needed for me. I am very thankful to all creaters of this thing as found this very useful car gps navigation in advance. Thanks to all developers my trip will become more comfortable.

  10. Hey guys! i updated my gps navigation in my lexus lx 570. And i’m glad that choose this product. Because i got more maps and correct menu. And now i can easily travelling between countries. It make driving even more comfortable he showing all small roads and towns. My family really happy because after buying this navigation we began travelling a lot of time. I advise everyone!

  11. Not so long ago I updated my car gps navigation. I wondered how easy was it! After installation I got: new menu, correct maps that were filled with new objects. Now I can easily find my geo-position and mark every destination point I want, without any limitations. New version has neither bugs, no problems with operation. Now I absolutely enjoy my car, enjoy the road. Every trip is like a dream.

  12. İ recently update this gps navigation on my car and i am very glad. Because the work of this program is very high. Now i can travel everywhere in my stat. GPS navigation shows even the little streets and roads. I noticed that after buying this navigation i began travelling a lot of time. Because i get pleasure from the work of this program. It work very fast. It is one of the advantages. Thanks to the creaters. .

  13. Hi, guys! I am really keen on travelling between states, visiting different sities and towns, so I am very interested in good working GPS navigation system on my car. I was searching it for a long-long time and finally bought “2016 Toyota Lexus North American Navigation”. Maps are completely correct. There weren’t any difficulties with installation. This stuff will be very helpful for my trips. Thanks a lot to developers!

  14. I updated my gps navigation system several days ago on my Lexus ES, that was not something difficult, it’s just a question of a habit. I really like the new many and navigation in the interface. It make driving even more comfortable. I don’t know how to explain but seems like developers made something special in this new update, it brings your driving to an absolutely new level.

  15. Yesterday I’ve updated my car navigation. It was great feelling when update was finished, my car seemed to be like the new one. This car navigation update is really good , you should try it too.

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