2016 Subaru North America Navigation Maps DVD V 10 0 Full Version

2016 Subaru North America Navigation Maps DVD V 10 0 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2016 Subaru North America Navigation Maps DVD V.10.0 | Car Navigation DVD Maps

2015/2016 Subaru North America Navigation Maps DVD V.10.0   This Navigation DVD set covers the continental United States(excluding AK/HI) and Canada

2016 Subaru North America Navigation Maps DVD V.10.0

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8 thoughts on “2016 Subaru North America Navigation Maps DVD V 10 0 Full Version

  1. It’s just wonderful. I am very happy with the new update of this particular car model. The new navigation system surprises with new innovation and I felt something on my own car. This GPS system has been enriched with new features that deliver a lot of amenities. My SUBARU has become more technologically advanced at the expense of new things GPS and I have not noticed a defect in it. I am very glad.

  2. Sometime ago decided to install this update to my wife’s car (Subaru Forester), because my friend recomended it to me, and you know my wife likes it a lot! For the first time I couldn’t understand her joy, but after driving her car for sometime, I understood that this navigationn system is worth to dowload and install! Soft and nice voice recomend you how to drive to your destination in the best way… Brilliant!

  3. I wish I knew about this website before. I went to New York from Washington by car (I drive a Subaru Crosstreck), and on the half of the way I stucked in the traffic for hours due to the car accident. The worst thing is that my gps navigation system did not show me that there was a nightmare on the road. So when I finally got to New York I was so exhausted that I promised to myself to fix this. Hopefully I found this website and updated to the newest version.

  4. I was very happy driving my Subaru Forester till the moment when my gps navigation system started doing stupid things. She stopped showing me the points of interest when I was travelling with my family, the signal start to be very slow and geopositioning became a nightmare. So I had to make this update to bring me back my quiet life. That was not a big challenge but it worth doing.

  5. I can only thank for this great resourse of updates. My son was driving Subaru Impreza through Nevada and suddenly his gps navigation system started to show that he locates in California (well not bad, yeah?)) When he called me with this problem I explained that his gps navigation needs to be upgraded which he did not do at all since he bought the car. so after updating it came back to normal.

  6. It was my wife’s advice concerning navigation maps. My first thought was ‘I know the roads of my dear California and there is no need in any tool for my subary forester’. But a bit later there was an accident – we lost our way at night and for a long time we could not distinguish where we were. So I agreed that my knowledge of my dear state geography not so brilliant as I thought. And the decision of purchase was taken. Besides it turned out this new device is so easy in use. I am glad to have it.

  7. My husband told me about these upgrades to gps systems after he tried one of them. He talking about delays of signals, you know, i’m not that smart i’m for different purposes, i am driving a little, but the adrenalin of this process is making me happy! I want to travel with my husband on this year. He bought car to me and i maked driver license and with this gps navigation (i didn’t know about them before).

  8. I have recently updated gps navigation on my Subaru Impreza. New interface of the navigation system seems to be very comfortable in using. Also I would like to mention a very good precision of geo-location and significant increase of points of interest (at least in New York area where I usually drive my car). So in general I have a good feeling after using the new version.

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