2016 BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL EAST Full Version

2016 BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe PROFESSIONALEAST Full Version preview. Click for more details

2016 BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL | Car Navigation DVD Maps

BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL 2016 Speedcams/Blitzer Edition       DVD1 (Westeuropa): WEST Andorra, Belgien,

2016 BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL-EAST

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10 thoughts on “2016 BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL EAST Full Version

  1. I was waiting for this update for the long time as I wanted to have the latest gps maps possible and finally I got such opportunity. I don’t travel much, but my e46 often takes part in car performances all over the Europe, so I need to be well prepared in order just not to waist time wandering around.
    I already tested several maps (my home Prague and cities nearby) and stayed completely satisfied with high picture resolution and smooth scrolling. Just a nice, stable gps update I can recommend to friends and any bmw owner.

  2. Through many hours of stubborn and intense web searching I’ve found myself on this site. I see that you, guys, have a lot of interesting products for a nice price. I’d like to buy one, but have a couple of questions: if I install one of your gps updates, will it affect my hardware guarantee? I mean if something go wrong, will I lose my right for the guarantee service? To be honest, I don’t think so, but just want to be sure. And one more thing: will someone (e.g. like support team) help me with installation or the manual reading be enough? Thank you, in advance, for your reply!

  3. I was amazed about the quality and functionality of this bmw gps update. Since the day I’ve installed it everything worked well, without glitches, bugs or errors. Software is quite compatible with my 3er (VI) board navigator and operates just like it should. I liked the road helper function which showed all traffic jams and alretrnative routes to leave them behind, all speed cams and limits on the way and different sights all by the way. I already signed up for the further updates and wish the great prosperity to the developers!

  4. Want to say some thankful words about this gps and support team. When I’ve bought the update for my e92 I faced some difficulties with installation, so I got in touch with support guys and got qualified help. Everything was settled and update operated well. Now I use its functionality with great pleasure: I use traffic application, voice control, speed cams locations, marks of nearest eateries and canteens. I couldn’t even ask for more!

  5. I like this update, seems that my gps and this software were created for each other. It’s a rare occasion when hard- and software that compatible. I also noticed that productivity of my board computer increased and mapping became smoother. Navigation itself works fine, I only need to dictate or type an address and gps will show the optimal way to the destination point. I like the update and recommend to everyone.

  6. Convenient and functional gps update completely compatible with my e36 navigator. It has bunch of functions which can make your driving even more comfortable, starting from the integrated weather forecaster up to speed cams information. All these functions are assembled together in elegant shell with friendly interface and smooth 3d animation. I like this product, it really cost the money I paid.

  7. No wonder that there’re so much positive feedbacks. I also refreshed my x5 (2012) gps replacing the preinstalled software with this update and should say that it worked even better than my previous one: the board computer productivity was increased, more detailed maps were installed, the voice control assistance was integrated. I satisfied with it work and can recommend to my friends.

  8. Just want to support developers who had made that software right for bmw cars, as the owner of one I want to notice that even the preinstalled gps wasn’t that helpful. Now the board computer works rather faster and has smooth 3d objects animation, productivity grown at least twice and now I don’t have to wait for the route to built. I can control everything with voice and correct the route according to the current information about traffic jams popping up on the screen. Nice update so as the price!

  9. Nice update I didn’t expect such quality nowadays, when nothing works properly and gps navigation, in most cases, is such a joke! Tired from being lost I’ve made another try to revive my e46 navigator and installed this update. Well, the developers surprised me a lot putting inside so much useful functions such as: voice assistance, road helper, detailed maps set, information about the road traffic and weather, strong satellite connection. I think that even traveling the desert I won’t get lost from no one.

  10. I own z4 and usually use it as a weekend car; this car is my passion and pride, so its usual for my to buy best for it, including different digital devices and software. Traveling Limousin and Poitou-Charentes with my wife and I’ve got a bit lost, though the right way was found, I decided to solve this problem updating the gps. Now, everything got a way simpler, I have in my disposal detailed maps of a whole Europe and of course France. The update also includes speed cams locations, guide technology and voice assistant. All functions work properly and I totally satisfy about it.

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