Mercedes DVD NTG2 2015 2016 Comand Europe Full Version V 17

20152016 Mercedes DVD NTG2 Comand Europe V 17 0 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2015-2016 Mercedes DVD NTG2 Comand Europe v.17.0 | Car Navigation DVD Maps

2016 Mercedes DVD NTG2 Comand Europe v.17.0   This DVD contains navigation data for 33 European countries, with streets and roads, towns, villages and

2015-2016 Mercedes DVD NTG2 Comand Europe v.17.0

Get Mercedes 2015 2016 Navigation Europe now:

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9 thoughts on “Mercedes DVD NTG2 2015 2016 Comand Europe Full Version V 17

  1. Updated my wife’s A-class (III) with these car navigation maps and we both stayed totally satisfied about it work. First of all it runs stable, really fast, without glitches, bugs and delays. My wife is a rookie in driving, so she especially appreciates the hands-free voice control which allowing her to pay more attention to the road situation. I also admitted nice, detailed maps with animation, clear assistant voice and all of these were coming for a decent price. What can I ask for more? Now I know that, honey, safe and knows where she does.

  2. I’ve read a lot of good feedbacks about this gps update, so decided to bought and install to my six years old Citan. Well, everything went ok, I just inserted the dvd into the slot for the gps and after a couple of minutes navigator was already glowing welcoming me to make my first request. In general, I totally satisfied with product stable work, glitches and delays absence, simple interface and of course road assistance and voice control function. Recommend to everyone who wants a good navigation for a decent price!

  3. I used to travel through Europe a lot since I was a little child. Now I’ve got my own Mercedes (class S, don’t be jealous, guys) and the first thing I thought about was purchasing proper gps navigation maps, cause you actually never know the next turn while visiting e.g. little town somewhere on the outskirts of Germany. Thanks God I found this map update, both cheap and useful, so it’s no worries for me anymore to travel wherever I feel like!

  4. Hello. My father is updated GPS navigation on his Mercedes, and I also decided to upgrade the GPS navigation on my machine. I was satisfied. Everything is done efficiently, quickly. Price of renovation GPS navigation small that made me happy. In general, I recommend to those who want to upgrade GPS navigation in his car, but does not dare to do it. You will not regret.

  5. A year ago, I went to Europe on my Mercedes. Everything was fine, but the maps… I had a feeling that they’re the same age as my Grandma. Unfortunatly, I learned about this too late and it caused me a lot of problems. I thought I never go somewhere on my car, but recently I surfed the Internet and found this! Now I can travel to Europe without any troubles! Thanks a lot for this, guys!!!

  6. Wow, awesome! great news for all owners of Mercedes! for luxury car, luxury system GPS;) All harmoniously) Btw, as your system supports the old car brand? well for example my friend has an example of Nissan 2002’s, there is a chance to get her GPS? we sometimes in his car to travel around Europe … if you support, you will have to tell him .. thanks in advance for your help

  7. my friend and I decided to travel to Europe, but faced with the fact that the cards in his car is not the first freshness. We started looking for where and how to upgrade. when it’s worth big money. One friend suggested this link. I honor and praise him !!! everything worked out ! when viewing maps noticed a very detailed map of towns and streets. in the trip is very useful. it turns out in Europe also have isolated villages …

  8. Hi everyone! Few weeks ago I had some problems with navigation while travelling in balkan peninsula because of my earlier version of software. Sometimes i’ve even been stopped by policemen. Since this travel I’ve decieded to update my navigation software before every long trip. Thanks to this source I can get the latest version of european roads for my navigation system.

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