CD Navigation System Europe 2015 OPEL CD70-BENELUX

2015 OPEL EUROPE CD NAVIGATION CD70BENELUX Full Version preview. Click for more details

Updated CD Navigation System 2015 OPEL CD70 for Europe + Navigation DVD Maps

Navigation CD cards Europe OPEL CD70 2014/2015 embrace ALPEN / ALPS, as well as major roads Europe, Austria, Switzerland, Lihtenstein and others.

CD Navigation System Europe 2015 OPEL CD70-BENELUX

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2 thoughts on “CD Navigation System Europe 2015 OPEL CD70-BENELUX

  1. This is a great gps navigation system update! Sometimes due to the snowfalls it is difficult to find the appropriate route from France to Switzerland through Alps ad it doesn’t show all the possible roads (and if you are not local it is two times more difficult). I updated it by myself, seems like all was correct and didn’t show any warnings. I will try this update next week on real roads.

  2. Hello everybody! I make about 1-2 year business trips to Austria. I try not to use the navigation at all, I train my memory. But just in case, of course, I have in possession the navigator. As I was glad that before the last trip I downloaded this version update! There was, I think, a lot of changes on the road and I could get lost if I had not had the new updates. Good luck to all!

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