Full version CD Navigation System 2015 OPEL CD70-ALPEN

2015 OPEL EUROPE CD NAVIGATION CD70ALPEN Full Version preview. Click for more details

CD Navigation for Europe 2015 OPEL CD70 + Road Maps DVD

Navigation CD cards of Europe OPEL CD70 2014/2015 embrace ALPEN / ALPS, as well as major roads Europe, Austria, Switzerland, Lihtenstein and others.

Updated Version CD Navigation Europe 2015 OPEL CD70-ALPEN

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2 thoughts on “Full version CD Navigation System 2015 OPEL CD70-ALPEN

  1. I completely agree with the previous speaker! When I was in my travel to Switzerland, I had absolutely no probel with my Opel navigation system. It found the shortest paths through mountains by itself. I just followed the instructions and easily move through Alps from Switzerland to Italy. Compared to my previous navigation software, it works much faster.

  2. Hi there, folks. Just wanted to tell you that I’ve already tried these maps on my Opel Vivaro on my way to Chicago. Well, starting from the Moldova up to Belarus it worked properly, so all I had to do was listen my Tom-tom commands. What more could I ask for? Even for me, the old bear, who lives in the age of fast IT development it wasn’t a problem. My Vivaro did everything by itself. Even when I got off the highway (I know it was risky for such geographical idiot like me, but I just wanted to see some forests and change landscape to more green) and found myself on the countryside road, my navigation system still knew where we were. I also could not find any system errors which usually appear after updating the main computer navigation system, so this new version really made me happy! Such wonderful car as my Opel needs perfect software, because I like traveling after all and bought it to make it comfortably. Hope, that soon, you guys, will pop up more maps, maybe for Ireland and Scotland, huh? And I also would like to know will this software work for new Opel Astra GT, as I also want to install it to my daughter’s car before she will go college inKazakhstann. She also likes car traveling and I don’t want her to get lost. I don’t know would the developers read this comment (but I hope they would), anyway, here is my ask: what about that beeping sound? I mean when GPS is losing the connection? Or could it be my car computer’s feature? Anyway, thank you for developing this maps compilation for simple people, not for computer geniuses.

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