2015 Honda Navigation System of Europe DVD V 3 90

2015 Honda Navigation DVD Europe V 3 90WEST ONLY Full Version preview. Click for more details

Updated Navigation System 2015 Honda for Western and Eastern Europe v3.90 + Car DVD Maps

This Updated Map DVD 2015 MY14 – APF Euro for the following versions of Navigation System Honda Sat Nav: VR (APF) Catalog # 08A42-1J6-070 DVD

Update DVD Navigation system 2015 Honda for Europe V.3.90 -WEST ONLY

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2 thoughts on “2015 Honda Navigation System of Europe DVD V 3 90

  1. Well, to be honest, I am far away to be computer genious so after using gps navigation after some time I did not understand why it started re-loading by itself and sometimes even while driving. So a friend advised me to update gps navigation maps itself and thanks to him it started to work perfectly – all the coordinates are correct and I have new maps as well. So definitely it is a good update.

  2. This new version is much better than previous one! Well, to start from the beginning I should say that my Honda always had problems with its navigation system and I had no idea why so. I tried out much navigation programs, but one half of them not worked properly and other half had problems with language settings showing me only unknown symbols. Then, I found myself on this site and voila! I’ve finally found what I was longing for all this time! Everything was working perfectly, without glitches and errors I already used to see on the screen. And now I’m downloading an update developers released an update for 2015 ! Thank you a lot, guys, now my Honda and I welcomed to travel Europe! Hope. You folks, won’t stop on it! Best wishes!

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