DVD Road Map 2014 Volkswagen MFD2 Version 8B for North America

2014 VW North America Map DVD MFD2 Version 8B Full preview. Click for more details

Navigation System 2014 VW MFD2 V-8B for North America + Car DVD Maps

The system includes a DVD roadmaps Volkswagen MFD2 V-8B, as well as latest version roadmaps 2013-2014 VW, which contains all detailed information about territory of the United States.

2014 VW Improved Navigation System MFD2 Version 8B for North America

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2 thoughts on “DVD Road Map 2014 Volkswagen MFD2 Version 8B for North America

  1. I bought my car to my birthday and gps navigator. I founded someupgrades to my gps system and, you know, i found it really good. I see that these upgrades really improve everything, from the delay of the signals to the download streets information speed.
    I will recommend to all my friends these upgrades, because it’s really working. My Volkswagen… i think i could reach the whole Europe, if i only could go to Amsterdam and watch their beautiful holy Shrines.

  2. My wife and I needed to get Big Apple to see our newborn grandson. In same time my son had moved to another district, so I have no idea about how to get there. Paper maps are not for my eyes anymore, my wife usually sleeps when I drive. So, I started to search maps for my board navigator. To be honest, I never used it before, just had no reason, as we live in countryside and travel on rare occasions. So this site and software I’ve found and download here were very helpful.
    Easy to install, easy to use, easy to navigate, even for old guy like me. Thanks to theseroad maps we got to see our grandson quickly!

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