DVD navigation maps Suvari 2014 North American V8 0

2014 Subaru North America Navigation Maps DVD V 8 0 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2014 Subaru Navigation System V.8.0 North America + DVD Road Maps

Updated version DVD roadmaps 2013/2014 Subaru North America V.8.0 contains detailed information about the main roads of America, including USA and Canada.

Newest DVD Navigation system 2014 Subaru V.8.0 for North America

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2 thoughts on “DVD navigation maps Suvari 2014 North American V8 0

  1. This update became a godsend for me, as after I moved Pocatello I got in a big trouble with navigation around the city. Everything was new for me, especially taking into consideration an old and unusual territorial planning of the city. But, with my new gps assistant and its numerous maps and large addresses base I forgot about my awkward wandering. Now, with excellent voice assistance and quick working navigation of my legacy, I feel confident in my every move.

  2. There was a Subaru sound system exhibition in Sent-Paul and I was an invited guest. The problem was that I had no idea how to get exhibition hall as car needed to be prepared before the performance. So, I start to search the map which could guide me there. First, I wanted just to rely on the phone app, but it wasn’t detailed showing me just the desert road with no signs and info. Then I decided to involve my Subaru navigator and downloaded several map sets for it. This one (2014 Subaru Navigation System V.8.0) I liked most of all for its detailed and friendly interface. When I put the start and destination points, program showed me straight way with all road info I expected to get (gas, food, car service, so on). I got from Douson-Creek to Sent-Paul in 2 times faster than I expected!

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