2014 Lexus-Toyota Navigation system for Europe 13 1 U08 GEN 2/3 COMBO

2014 LexusToyota 13 1 U08 GEN2/3 EAST AND WESTCOMBO Full Version preview. Click for more details

2014 Lexus-Toyota 13.1 U08 GEN2/3 Navigation System for Eastern and Western Europe + Roadmaps DVD

2014 Updated Version 13.1 of DVD Navigation Systems Generation 2/3 Toyota-Lexus  (13.1) U08-East Region, has detailed information on 6 million miles of road routes, as well as a list of thousands points of interest.

Newest system of Road Navigation  2014 Lexus-Toyota 13.1 U08 GEN2/3 COMBO for Western and Eastern Europe

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2 thoughts on “2014 Lexus-Toyota Navigation system for Europe 13 1 U08 GEN 2/3 COMBO

  1. Decided to go to Europe with my family. Originally stood on the Lexus navigation system, but the old, 2013, but moved to Latvia, I realized that it is somewhat outdated. On the advice sisters did update to a newer version. Loved it, made lots of new parts, more simple interface of streets and buildings. Plus new interchanges and roads. Thanks for the search of hotels and eateries, you just need a place to sleep or to eat on the road.

  2. I bought Lexus-Toyota version 13.1 U08 GEN2/3 navigation system for my car to travel across the Europe last year. Roadmaps have a lot of details, I like it, because with my old system it was hard to find some streets and buildings. Navigation control can be easily handled while driving, especially if you have to realize how to get to the nearest hotel with sandwich in one hand and wheel in other.

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