2014 BMW HIGH Navigation System of North-West America DVD-2

2014 BMW HIGH North America WEST DVD2 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2014 BMW HIGH Navigation System of North America East and West + Car DVD maps

A new, updated version of DVD Road Maps 2014 BMW HIGH for North America East and West, contains updated database, as well as thousands points of interest. Travel to America with the comfort for yourself.

The newest navigation system 2014 BMW HIGH for North America WEST DVD-2

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One thought on “2014 BMW HIGH Navigation System of North-West America DVD-2

  1. After the installation of this update to my X4 gps my family and I went Boston from Miami. It was planned as a nice family reunion trip. My son and I were spending from 8 to 12 hours driving and I can say for sure that navigation update had made our traveling easier and more comfortable showing us all speed limits, cams, traffic jams (on the highway between Atlanta and Richmond), motels, cafes and gas stations. Good and simple designed interface, well-detailed maps, nice tom-tom voice and, of course, good price! Good update for those who like travel and just want save time!

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