2013 Peugeot RT4/RT5 Navigation Map CD for Southern Europe NaviDrive Wip Com

2013 Peugeot RT4/RT5 Europe NaviDrive Wip Com CD Maps Southern Full Version preview. Click for more details

2013 Peugeot – Citroen RT4/RT5 CD Navigation System for Europe NaviDrive Wip Com + Car DVD Maps

Updated version of CD Navigation System 2013 Peugeot RT4/RT5 NaviDrive Wip Com for Southern Europe, includes a lot of new information    about new roads, junctions, by-passes and motorway exits and much more.

Each road segment features up to 260 attributes – such as the number of lanes or one way systems – which also need to be updated along with the extensive list of Point of Interest.
For example, in this new update more than more than 35,000 roundabouts, 235,000 street names, 19,000 one way streets and 34,000 turn restrictions have been added or amended.
Furthermore more than 835,000 kilometers of roads have been updated incl. approximately 610 sections of motorways.

You need to shorten the way, to find a man in a strange city, determine the route, find the nearest car park? All this is not a problem, with the help of our program you will find everything you need.

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One thought on “2013 Peugeot RT4/RT5 Navigation Map CD for Southern Europe NaviDrive Wip Com

  1. I updated my Partner Tepee gps with this new version and stayed totally satisfied. Brand new maps for my region (and especially my hometown Zadar (Croatia)) are well detailed and contain much useful, for the regular people information, such as number and length of highways, road signs, speed cams locations, current road situation (like traffic jams and closed roads), and alternative routes. Not talking about simple an intuitive interface with built-in tools which simplify and speed up building the route. Now my board computer looks more like tab and shows even the weather in region.

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