2013 Mercedes NTG2 CD Navigation System of Europe 50 APS V-14 0

2013 Mercedes NTG2 CD Europe Audio 50 APS Version 14 0 Full preview. Click for more details

2013 Mercedes NTG2 CD Navigation System of Europe Audio 50 APS V-14.0 + Roadmaps DVD

Updated versions of Navigation maps 2013 Mercedes Benz NTG2 CD of Europe Audio 50 APS V-14.0 7 CD’s Version:A169 827 84 59 contains information on the major roads in Europe, including: Belgien, Dänemark and other.

The latest navigation systems in Europe 2013 Mercedes Benz NTG2 CD  Audio 50 APS V-14.0 7 CD’s

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2 thoughts on “2013 Mercedes NTG2 CD Navigation System of Europe 50 APS V-14 0

  1. After updating the navigation on my badly battered Mercedes I began to travel more to Europe, because now all the streets are true, so for example in Brussels, I calmly able to visit all the sights because I updated my GPS system, I can now go to any city in Europe without any problems. Now everything depends on the reliability of my car, but not on its navigation. Another plus upgrade – is traced in more detail at home, I enjoyed it very much

  2. Pretty good and functional gps update. It became very handy when I decided to travel from Brugge to Hasselt by car and needed a reliable road assistant. I chose that app as it was much way better than the similar ones; plus it had better interface, smooth work and just looked elegant. It had a nice price and good customer support service (I had some questions about compatibility to my Sprinter), so I couldn’t ask for more. Plenty road information and detailed maps made my journey very comfortable and careless.

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