2013 Mercedes Comand Professional DVD Navigation Map of Europe APS NTG3 V 11

2013 Mercedes Comand DVD Europe APS NTG3 V 11 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2013 Mercedes Comand DVD Navigation System of Europe APS NTG3 V.11 + DVD Road Maps

2013 Mercedes Comand Updated Version of Professional DVD Road Maps for Europe APS NTG3 V.11 A2218270365   A221 827 0365 Colour Code: Lime Green/H1 contains detailed information on 34 European countries.

A221 827 0365
Colour Code: Lime Green/H1

Europackage contains: an updated version Professional DVD Navigation Chart for Eastern and Western Europe 2012/2013 Mercedes.The latest road maps contain all detailed information about 34 European countries, including new streets, new buildings, gas stations, car parks, museums, restaurants, situation on the roads, hotels, hospitals, and many others. In Eastern Europe, Navigation System contains details of most countries, including  Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia and Romania and much more. Navigation system includes 9.2 million kilometers of roads in Europe.

For Cars:

S Class (W/V221) pre-facelift model (09/2005-07/2009)
S Class (W216) pre-facelift model (09/2005-07/2009)
CL Class (C216) 2006-06/2009

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One thought on “2013 Mercedes Comand Professional DVD Navigation Map of Europe APS NTG3 V 11

  1. My co-worker recommended me to buy and install this gps update in order to leave behind all problems with a city navigation. Being a newcomer in Plzen I’m constantly facing problems with finding the right street or house number. I’m a storekeeper and have to manage few warehouses situated in different parts of the Plzen. Now, after this map set install to my CL (2009) I feel more confident and calm, as I not afraid to lost anymore. With detailed maps and bunch of road information I can find any street, house, office building and warehouse I need.

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