2013 Mercedes Benz CD Navigation System of Europa NTG1 Audio 50 APS V 13 0

2013 Mercedes Benz Europa NTG1 Audio 50 APS CD V 13 0 LATEST ! Full Version preview. Click for more details

2013 Mercedes Benz Navigation System of Europa NTG1 Audio 50 APS CD V.13.0 + Roadmaps DVD

2013 Mercedes Benz Updated Version of Professional CD Navigation System for Europe NTG1 Audio 50 APS V.13.0 Six CD’s contains detailed information on 29 European countries.

Six CD’s briging with navigation data for 29 European countries, with streets and roads, towns, villages and many POIs.

An updated version 2012/2013 of Navigation System covers all the European countries! The system includes more than 8.7 million kilometers of main roads in Europe . Over 1.7 million of the most important goals are included on CDs, for example, gas stations, parking lots, museums, restaurants and hospitals.

Compared to the old version, so now around 338,000 more POIs available. Only 100,622 restaurants and 3,920 hotels have been additionally included in the new version 2012/2013 of navigation system. Thus, the navigation displays can also design the fastest way to 2542 Mercedes-Benz service partners.

PART NO: A211 827 43 65


CLS-Klasse <04/2008
E-Klasse >03/2002-<07-2008
SLK-Klasse >03/2004-<04-2008

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One thought on “2013 Mercedes Benz CD Navigation System of Europa NTG1 Audio 50 APS V 13 0

  1. It has been two months since I bought and installed that gps update to my e-class (2008) board computer. Since then I have no complaints, although I use it every day. This map works fine, without glitches, errors and long loads. Wherever I drive, it always shows me the shortest and efficient route with all possible road signs, speed cams, toll roads (like Nowy Tomyśl – Świecko, Stryków – Konin, Katowice – Kraków), gas stations (plus: LPG, CNG, LNG), eateries, car services and so on. This software costs its money for sure and I can recommend it.

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