2013 Mercedes Benz DVD Navigation System AUDIO 50 APS NTG4 204 V13 0

2013 Mercedes Benz AUDIO 50 APS NTG4 204 DVD V13 0 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2013 Mercedes Benz Navigation System AUDIO 50 APS NTG4 (204) v13.0 + Car DVD Maps

The latest DVD Navigation System for the AUDIO 50 APS NTG 4 v13.0 2012-2013 A204 827 04 65 contains updated data and thousands points of interest.

Our latest navigation system for Message Channel has new information on the traffic conditions, knows all possible routes and will help you to choose the most convenient and fastest route from point of origin to the point of arrival. This convenient service is now available in 12 countries.

Part NO:A204 827 04 65


W/S 204, C-Klasse – 03/2007 > 03/2011
X 204, GLK-Klasse – 10/2008 > 07/2011

AUDIO 50 APS Software 49/08 or more recent is required to have before update.

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One thought on “2013 Mercedes Benz DVD Navigation System AUDIO 50 APS NTG4 204 V13 0

  1. I choose this navigation system because it knows the traffic condition. It helps me to arrive home faster and when i need to go to the another place i always can trust my navigation. I also recomend it to the travellers, who want to be confidence in the situation on the road and not to be afraid of lost. I use this system about 5 months and i realy like it, it realy helps me.

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