2012-2013 TeleAtlas Navigation System of Scandinavian Countries Blaupunkt TravelPilot CD DX

20122013 TeleAtlas Blaupunkt TravelPilot CD DX Scandinavia Full Version preview. Click for more details

2012-2013 TeleAtlas Blaupunkt TravelPilot DX CD-ROM Navigation System + Car DVD Maps

2012-2013 TeleAtlas Blaupunkt TravelPilot CD DX. Car Navigation Maps TeleAtlas Maps covers most of the Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other.

These newest navigation maps contain 100% database for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The border region of Germany including Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and the Northern part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is also covered with detailed street network.
Detailed Navigation in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the border region of Germany.
Over 1074000 km of road network covered (+6000 km).
Updated official TMC code lists for Sweden and Germany. Dynamic route guidance on highways in Denmark also possible.
If you are hungry, want to rest or need to refuel the car? You can do this easily with our program. Latest Roadmaps contain more than 119500 Points of Interest (POI) such as restaurants, hotels, car parks and petrol stations offering CNG and LPG.
The system includes a lot of important new information such as new streets, new residential areas, new traffic situations and much, much more.

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3 thoughts on “2012-2013 TeleAtlas Navigation System of Scandinavian Countries Blaupunkt TravelPilot CD DX

  1. i live in Norway, and TeleAtlas Navigation System Blaupunkt TravelPilot CD DX is ideal variant for me, i’m very absentminded person, sometimes it’s difficult for e to concentrate, i can forget the way of the road and it was necessary for me to have a gps for my car, and now i feel more sure, now i know, that i am in safety) and my husbund is calm for me and my car, i can go somwhere without problems than it was earlier, i reccomend it to everyone, gps is the best way to find right way..

  2. Very good, reliable version of a gps navigation system. A lot of details and better geo-positioning (at least what I noticed) in this version. I do not use it very often, but when I am travelling through Nothern Europe sometimes it is better to have it turned on as you never know where to stop to drink a coffee or just to have some rest. Also there are useful information about road condition.

  3. Even there Scandinavia have this system, but Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, no one country of the CIS .. we also need a good GPS, if you please, we will be very grateful. I’m on my Ford Focus using Russian GPS, a lot of errors and i belive that inaccuracies in the west people are more likely responsible. In Russia no normal cars or GPS. but many friends used domestic machines, they want a normal GPS

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