2012 Mercedes-Benz DVD Navigation Map for North America and Canada Harman Becker Comand NTG1 V 11

2012 MercedesBenz North AmericaCanada Map DVD Harman Becker Comand NTG1 V 11 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2012 Mercedes-Benz Navigation System for North America and Canada Harman Becker Comand NTG1 v.11 + Road Maps DVD

2012 Mercedes Benz Latest DVD Navigation System in North America and Canada Map Harman Becker for Comand NTG1 Version 11

The system provides accurate navigation data on new houses, streets, new traffic routes, the situation on the roads and others in more than 44 cities and metropolitan areas across the territory of North America. Feel yourself in a strange city like at home. Updated navigation system has a list of more than 2.95 million attractions. It will become an indispensable assistant in your car, as well as a tour guide in a strange city. When you arrive in an unfamiliar area, do not waste time to find a hotel or a parking lot, this will make the program as it includes thousands of points of interest.

This release features over 6.43 million miles of road network coverage across the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It also contains over 116,000 new miles of verified roads giving you the confidence to drive through unfamiliar or recently changed areas.

Version 2012 COMAND NTG 1

Catalog # U0028-0070-109

BQ 6 46 0263

A211 827 41 65

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2 thoughts on “2012 Mercedes-Benz DVD Navigation Map for North America and Canada Harman Becker Comand NTG1 V 11

  1. After refreshing drivers on my Mercedes E220 on newest version, it became more effective than before. Now he began to reflect terrain contours, topographic elevations, shows trails and rural roads, city neighborhood roads. It is so comfortably for me, i`m fond of travelling in general. Every weekend me and my family went to look new and new views. Thank u guys for amazing sowtware in my GPS.

  2. When my wife and I have bought our first car B180 cdi (2010) we both’re extremely happy and decided to try it in our hometown Gniew and neighborhood. Everything was wonderful, however, soon we’ve found ourselves completely lost on a narrow countryside road. Since that case I decided to update car gps to avoid such situations in the future. In this update I’ve found not only rich set of maps, but also smart voice control system, speed cams base, numerous cities and countries catalog and countless marks of gas stations, eateries and services. Now I know for sure that we won’t get lost! Thanks!

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