2012 Mercedes CD Navigation Maps of Europa 50 APS V-12 0 NTG1 5

2012 Mercedes Europa Audio 50 APS Version 12 0 NTG1 5 CD Full preview. Click for more details

2012 Mercedes Navigation System in Europe Audio 50 APS V-12.0 NTG1- 5 CD + Road Maps DVD

Mercedes Road Maps CD of Europe 50 APS V-12.0 Audio 50/APS NTG1 A211 827 40 65 contains updated database and includes new advanced features for the COMAND APS (NTG1). The updated version covers 34 European countries and has detailed information on all traffic routes, towns, villages and plenty of points of interest.

AUDIO 50/APS NTG1 A211 827 40 65

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2 thoughts on “2012 Mercedes CD Navigation Maps of Europa 50 APS V-12 0 NTG1 5

  1. I know my city roads very well. Even better than I thought. But I had to move to live to another bigger city. I never used GPS navigation in my beloved Mercedes e class before. But in my new place it was even tricky to get home from the supermarket. I understood that I have a great problem. I phoned my friend and cried that I am lost and I do not know how to get home. Her answer was really very short: Use your Navigation, honey. Oh, my God! What a great thing is it! Few days after I updated GPS Navigation. Now I am confident that I will get home

  2. After graduation I’ve got a most wonderful present from my dad, it was GL (2007). My first steel friend, my vehicle, my beloved car in the whole world! But taking into account my minimal knowledge even of my own city my dad and I decided that gps update was strongly advised. I chose this site because of a reasonable price and advise of my close friend and it was really good deal! Only for 70$ I’ve got an excellent map set with comprehensive and simple interface! Very convenient and reliable stuff!

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