2012 MCSII Mercedes Benz Navigation Maps for North America and Canada Comand V 9V2

2012 MCSII Mercedes Benz Comand North AmericaCanada Navigation Maps V 9V2 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2012 MCSII Mercedes Benz Comand Navigation System in North America and Canada v.9 +  Roadmaps DVD

2012 MCSII(MCS2) Mercedes- Benz Alpine Comand Latest version of the Navigation Maps in North America and Canada v.9 2014 MCSII  has updated navigational data for your vehicle.

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3 thoughts on “2012 MCSII Mercedes Benz Navigation Maps for North America and Canada Comand V 9V2

  1. I bought a used Mercedes with a navigation system. the seller did not use this system, but I really need. for her sake, I bought it.I had to download the latest updates for the machine. very glad I got to do everything myself. absolutely no money left to service. Now I go for North America and Canada in the Mercedes and had no problems. I recommend to all to engage the machine and the software itself!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised, the fact that I was waiting for this update. Put update your browser to Mersedez Benz and now it seems to me as if bought new. The difference between them is huge. Updated interface makes it easier and faster to find the thing you need. Everything is very simple and clear. Now travel became more comfortable and enjoyable. I recommend to all.

  3. Updated. At the second attempt. Perhaps due to the fact that earlier spilled coffee on board. The device was being repaired. Everything works fine. It would be even more detailed map of the reservoirs. Compared with the old version is still better. It seemed to me, was the system quickly determine the position of the vehicle when switched on. More new roads were added.

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