2012 Mercedes Latest Version of DVD Navigation System in Europe Audio 50 APS NTG 4212 V 8 0 DVD-1

2012 Europa Mercedes DVD Audio 50 APS NTG 4212 V 8 0 DVD1 Full Version preview. Click for more details

2012 Mercedes Benz DVD Navigation System Audio 50 APS NTG 4-212 v.8.0 + Car DVD Maps

2012 Mercedes New version of DVD Navigation Maps in Europe Audio 50 APS NTG 4-212 v.8.0 DVD-1, covers most European countries, including:

Andorra, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Italy, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, San Marino, Vatican City and others.

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2 thoughts on “2012 Mercedes Latest Version of DVD Navigation System in Europe Audio 50 APS NTG 4212 V 8 0 DVD-1

  1. Hello everybody. Recently updated your GPS navigator. Travel has become much nicer. My family and I love to travel and therefore GPS navigator should work correctly. With the upgrade version of the previous character was not like this. But now everything is much better than working. Especially pleased with the presence dorabotanyh cards for my region and beyond.

  2. Hello guys! I want to recomend this system audio navigation for Mercedes Benz, because i have one in my S-class Mercedes. I founded it when i need to make i decision how to get my family from Liechtenstein to Switzerland. It’s realy long and hard trip, so i need a good navigation maps, wich can shows short way. So now i use it everyday and my car become better with it!

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