2 thoughts on “2012 Audi MMI 2G Navigation System in Russia

  1. It’s very important for me to gave such gps, because Russia is my native country, but i often go to other countries, that’s why i decided to buy Audi MMI 2G Navigation System in Russia, my native town is Nizhny Novgorod, but i don’t know my city well, because it is very huge, and my gps system helps me very much to find whatever i want, i love my Audi and this equipment is the best decision for me!!!

  2. Finally, someone decided to make a gps update which includes Russia region! The territory of this country is huge and navigate in it is not easy deal. So, when I can use this update things were got much better and easier. Working in far north region of Siberia I have to be sure in each my step, as its very dangerous place condones no mistake.These maps provide the most important features for me: weather forecast and range of the temperatures, closed roads and the most efficient routes.

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